Sporty Skirt…the most comfy! / Falda-chandal… lo mas comodo!

….Y os sigo echando de menos…( mis chicas de Liverpool)

En uno de estos paseitos por las tiendas, “rascando” de rebajas, encontre esta falda, os acordais?  que ni me la probe, y ahora es mi favorita! Que comodidad por Dios! Os muestro un paseito por Jephson Gardens en Leamington Spa, y por supuesto cafetito ( sin tarta esta vez) en un sitio que promete para el “lunch” por sus Bagels caseras de todo tipo de sabores! A Toni le encantaria!

….And I still miss you girls ( My Liverpool girls) .During one of those walk around the shops with you,  I found this Skirt in Top Shop remember? , and I didn’t even tried it on. Well… I Love it!!! The most comfy thing in the world! and chic yet wearing something different. A Walk around Jephson Gardens in Leamington Spa on a sunday afternoon,  and of course a coffee afterwards ( no cake this time) that looks promising for its homemade bagels of all sort of varieties! Toni would love it!

Take care girls, I will keep you posted



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The SteamHouse, Leamington Spa

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